Building and Construction Monitoring Systems

Building and Construction Monitoring Systems

ePiling and eInstrument

URL : iengdat

eData is an IT solution that allows the construction industry to collect on-site data for construction activities leveraging on real time capabilities. It helps property developers, geotechnical consultants, building architect, building authority, site engineers and contractors to monitor the work site progress closely.


Data collections for daily activity at work site


The site engineers/supervisors records daily activities at constructions into Pocket PC applications, like piling information, instrumentation reading

The collected data uploaded to the eData Web Server


At the end of day, the site engineers/supervisors who do the recording onsite will have to bring back the records to office and upload the database into the web server through eData program called, eWay.

Various reports can be printed from the website.

Who are benefitial from eData?

After the data collected and transferred to the web server, users are able to generates reports for various purposes

  1. During the regular company meeting, work site progressive reports are discussed
  2. Architect can monitor the site information through web site and map systems
  3. Builder/Contractors can base on the progressive reports to release payments
  4. Clerk prepares reports for weekly meeting with ease
  5. Authority can review the most updated site progressive reports anytime
  6. Senior officers able to monitor the work site progress closely.