Applications For Wireless Data Communication

Applications For Wireless Data Communication

Over years of experience, we developed numbers of applications with capable of wireless data communications. There are several wireless network protocols are applied for the wireless communications. For private network, we use 802.11b and 802.11g (wireless protocols) compliant devices to transfer data back to back end server. For public network, we make use of GSM/GPRS networks for data communications. The data communications happens over the wireless networks is achieved by technology called, eData.


Pocket PC/Mobile Device Application

The pocket pc applications transfer the database to the web server through GSM/GPRS network. It is useful for building and construction monitoring systems, data collections systems.

Video Streaming Systems


The photo taken by a web camera which attached to small remote devices (e.g.. PC ), transferring the photo to back end server through GSM/GPRS network. Useful for building and construction monitoring systems, video surveillance systems for security.

PC application


The data stored at PC is transferred to web server via internet connection. Our applications can synchronize the data between PC and web server automatically.