Skylines is a Flying School Management System that can easily use information from the wide network of intelligence to generate safe flying schedules. It helps the flying school plan and maintain schedules by automating the planning processes. Flight and personnel programs are being meticulously organized within Skylines allowing the school staff to insert or search for relevant information intuitively. Syllabus and course results can be generated without hassle preventing the school from committing any grievous error pertaining to student issues.

Scheduling aircraft flights is an extremely tedious work that is complicated and labor intensive. Additionally, the schedules are circumscribed by company policies and civil aviation laws. Various establishments had attempted to create versions of planning systems but were inadequate at managing the numerous constrains and resource demands. These older systems were subsequently aborted as they could not handle the ceaseless trials of flight errors and impaired equipment.

Skylines is the brain child of a league of experts who had tirelessly incorporated the myriad of domain knowledge into heuristics that the system can adopt. The system is able to arrange personnel and aircraft schedules in a few hours rather then a few weeks required by traditional scheduling systems.