Customer Name:  Medical Services Branch, Singapore Prison Service
Contact Person(s):  Mr Ray Chua, Project Manager
Email:  Ray_CHUA@pris.gov.sg
Telephone No:  +65 6546 9468
Nature of Business:   Singapore Prison Service
Total Contract Value:  S$230,000 year 2012
No. of Tenderer’s Staff involved:  6 staffs
Contract Period:  2012 till now
Current Status:  Live

Project Description highlighting areas:  DotNet, Microsoft SQL 2008, Fast Report, Json Technology, IBM Websphere M-queue systems

Nature of Tenderer’s involvement:  The Electronic Medical Systems (EMR) is customized to design for Singapore Prison Medical Service Branch for 200 of medical staffs and 20 doctors. It records all transaction related to the inmates. The EMR interface with the main systems in prison using IBM m-queue system, details can be found here.