Skylines is a Flying School Management System that helps the school plan and maintain schedules by automating the planning processes. Flight and personnel programs are being meticulously organized within Skylines allowing the school staff to insert or search for relevant information easily. Syllabus and course results can be generated without hassle preventing the school from committing any grievous error pertaining to student issues.

Skyline is a new age flight planning system that can easily use information from the wide network of intelligence to generate safe flying schedules. It is simple to operate and allows users to modify schedules conveniently and intuitively, while maintaining flight schedules at their optimal capacity.

Scheduling aircraft flights is an extremely tedious work that is complicated and labor intensive. Additionally, the schedules are circumscribed by company policies and civil aviation laws. Various establishments had attempted to create versions of planning systems but were inadequate at managing the numerous constrains and resource demands. These older systems were subsequently aborted as they could not handle the ceaseless trials of flight errors and impaired equipment.

Skyline is the brain child of a league of experts who had tirelessly incorporated the myriad of domain knowledge into heuristics that the system can adopt. The system is able to arrange personnel and aircraft schedules in a few hours rather then a few weeks required by traditional scheduling systems.

Skylines Advantages

Skylines Customer

The technology and concept of Skylines has been developed and created for Singapore Flying College, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. Skylines, a Flying School System (previously called Training Management Systems, TMS), runs on the framework design that is similar to that of the propose eMs. This business idea and model that has been created for one of the top airlines in the world has received much accolades. Here is an extract from testimonial the staffs of the school:

“I am pleased to commend the team at MagicSoft Asia for their professionalism and dedication displayed in the development of Skylines.It was a refreshing and rewarding experience working with a group of charismatic talented individuals led by Mr Kenny Tew. They fully understood the objectives, concerns and constraints of the Singapore Flying College and provided clear insights and concepts, ultimately, delivering a cost efficient advanced system that zeroed in and resolved on potential problems.

The management then had plans to shift the school to a higher standard of operations where learning and retrieving of information went paperless. MagicSoft Asia stood in the gap with their wealth of experience and together with their ability to effectively design technology frameworks; they delivered a system that far and beyond met our needs and expectations.

Since the implementation of Skylines, it helped the school arrange, maintain and generate safe flying schedules without meticulous constant manual updates. This allowed the management and staff at Singapore Flying School to direct their time on other issues. Instructors and students have also commented positively on the use of Skylines.

It is clear to me as I hope it is to you that the MagicSoft Asia will be an exceptional team to work with and would indefinitely value-add in any projects they partake in.”

Client Testimonials

Skyline is able to consolidate the sophisticated information from all departments and promptly create a safe and competent flying schedule

Mr. Howard

Singapore Flying College

It had always been an exhausting job to plan duties and flights for the diverse levels of personnel, especially in an environment which focuses on the virtues of strict discipline. Thanks to Skyline, the bulk of the process had been automated and we are able to make any changes easily

Mr Tan E

Singapore Flying College

We are honored to implement Skyline as our new planning system. Today, we are able to free up ground resources to operate in other areas which require higher maintenance

Ms Lee

Singapore Flying College

I am really grateful for the inauguration of Skyline, as reminder messages will now appear if my entry clashes with any of the company policies and aviation laws which I overlook at times

Mr Kevin Wang

Singapore Flying College

“As aerospace technology grows, so will we need a system to manage the increasing amount of networking intelligence behind an efficient flight program. Therefore Skyline is not just another scheduling coordinator but a milestone in the aerospace industry

Mrs Abigail

Singapore Flying College