A pioneer and global leader in translation solutions.

In 2018, Magicsoft Asia formed a partnership with SYSTRAN, a pioneer and global leader in translation solutions, to provide the latest advancements in machine translation to the markets of South East Asia, and China. These include countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau.

With two decades of experience in systems development, Magicsoft is able to help organizations enhance multilingual communication and increase productivity using SYSTRAN’s real-time language solutions for internal collaboration, search, eDiscovery, content management, online customer support and e-Commerce.

Introducing SYSTRAN’s Pure Neural Server, the only comprehensive solution able to meet the full range of translation needs on an enterprise scale. It provides outstanding translation quality with the highest performance for an on-premises machine translation solution. Improve international collaboration with a centralized and secure translation server keeping all your sensitive information from leaving your company and providing accurate translations tailored to your brand, technical and specific terminology.

With advanced linguistic and technological features such as:

  • Custom dictionaries
  • Voice-to-text translation
  • API for integration with in-house and customer support applications
  • Document translation
  • Email gateway integration
  • Desktop integration
  • Single login via LDAP

You can be certain that SYSTRAN’s offering would be able to cater to all your business requirements including governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) practices.

To view a demo on SYSTRAN’s Pure Neural Server, please contact us.

The following are Voice-to-text translation demonstrations.

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Magicsoft-SYSTRAN Partnership

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