Clinic Management Systems

Vanda web based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems is UP! We are offering:
- Vanda Simple Start Package with a starting price of SGD960 for one year subscription, and
- A 15-days free trial with full support so you and your team can know us better
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Real-Time Monitoring

Industry 4.0 sensors such as beacons, NFC tags and CCTV cameras can make a difference to your projects. They can be used to improve processes, safety management, asset utilisation, security management, etc.
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Neural Machine Translation

A pioneer and global leader in language translation solutions. SYSTRAN has been pioneering machine translation technology. The company leads the industry with a number of breakthrough innovations and solutions now commonly used by companies and consumers.
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Constructions Management System

blueprints, safety helmet and computer in construction site

Magicsoft Asia Systems have developed a cloud-based construction management system in which people from the industry can manage the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion to increase productivity and work automation.

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Excavation Monitoring Solutions

Soil profile, settlement, water level and other factors are important to monitor,real monitoring and alert is a must. Safety is the priority.

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