SYSTRAN Announces Its New Marketplace

SYSTRAN Announces Its Marketplace: A Platform for Businesses to Access the World’s Largest Catalog of Domain-Specific Translation Models

SYSTRAN, leader in advanced machine translation solutions, announces the launch of its Marketplace, a unique cloud platform that brings together an ecosystem of language experts and state-of-the-art technology to deliver unprecedented translation quality

SYSTRAN Marketplace is a “Best of Breed” platform that combines open source neural translation technology with an industry-proven application stack and the know-how of language experts from around the world to enable businesses to easily access a catalog of thousands of fit-for-purpose translation models that have been specialized in different domains such as Legal, Healthcare, IT, Tourism, Retail and Dialog.

SYSTRAN, a pioneer in machine translation technology for over 50 years, recognizes that innovation is no longer just about technology. By building an entire ecosystem of human experts who use the technology with their know-how, it accelerates the production of domain-specific models that serve the demanding needs of the professional market for improved automatic translation quality adapted to their own jargon and company voice.

Jean Senellart, Chairman of the SYSTRAN Group, explains: “The quality of machine translation has never been higher and online services are booming. However, the adoption of machine translation technology by industry users is still lagging. With SYSTRAN Marketplace, we aim to provide business users with the right tools to facilitate the implementation of their machine translation project: not only with state-of-the-art technology, but also with domain-specific data and human expertise to offer translation models that meet the most advanced requirements.”

SYSTRAN has productized the best of its in-house technology to train neural MT engines and facilitate its access through a cloud platform and self-service tools to a community of experts, which already includes dozens of trainers. SYSTRAN Marketplace trainers are Data Providers, Language Services Providers, News Agencies, Academics and Public organizations. All are experts who bring their know-how and data to build the best translation models by language and domain.

For trainers, the marketplace is also an exceptional business opportunity to sell their models to a market at web scale without investing in technology or infrastructure, while keeping the entire Intellectual Property and ownership of their models. Within its marketplace, SYSTRAN guarantees transparency and control over the data source by establishing partnerships with trusted organizations, such as Amnesty International or Mozilla, which contribute to the creation of unique, domain-specific models.

“Mozilla is happy to partner with SYSTRAN, who shares our commitment to open source and to giving people control over their online lives. Our contribution to SYSTRAN’s Marketplace with neural models trained on Mozilla’s linguistic data will make it easier for software developers to get to market faster in more languages including under-resourced languages. This will help us standardize how key privacy and security features are labeled and improve multilingual diversity and access to the web for more people,” says Joe Hildebrand, Mozilla’s Vice President of Engineering.

At SYSTRAN, we believe that technological advancement comes with an equally important responsibility to be mindful of the environmental impact.

Artificial Intelligence offers infinite opportunities for innovation, but such progress requires the training of increasingly complex AI models, using a sprawling number of data and computational resources. This work requires advanced infrastructure and computing power and can be extremely energy greedy.

SYSTRAN is committed to a responsible approach in this regard, first by establishing partnerships with companies that share the same philosophy. For its Marketplace infrastructure, SYSTRAN has chosen OVH, a European cloud provider that is actively engaged in reducing the energy consumption of its data centers. At the same time, SYSTRAN works continuously to optimize its translation engines to ensure a balance between performance and energy consumption. For instance, in the training process, the marketplace reuses models, allowing its trainers to leverage any available models rather than training from scratch, and when possible training at a slower pace for reducing energy waste.

SYSTRAN just released its online translator, SYSTRAN Translate, a real alternative in the free online translation market. Visit and test translation quality with different in-domain models built by our Trainer Community.

With more than 50 years of experience in translation technologies, SYSTRAN has pioneered the greatest innovations in the field, including the first web-based translation portals and the first neural translation engines combining artificial intelligence and neural networks for businesses and public organizations.

SYSTRAN provides business users with advanced and secure translation solutions in various areas such as: global collaboration, multilingual content production, customer support, electronic investigation, Big Data analysis, e-commerce, etc.

In 2019, SYSTRAN launches a unique cloud-based platform bringing together the best of neural translation technology and a global network of experts to train domain-specific translation models. With this Marketplace, SYSTRAN has the ambition to offer the best translation quality through thousands of translation models tailored to domains such as legal, medical, IT, retail and much more.

For more information, visit and test translation quality here:

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