Smarter user interfaces to provide unparalleled user experience

The Solution
In order to provide user interfaces that mimic the real-world environments, considerable work has been done to integrate technologies such as natural language processing and vocal interaction. This is the next big thing to develop even smarter user interfaces and to offer the best possible user experience.
Infosquare Translator 4HMI
It allows you to develop new generation business applications, which combine real-time translation of documents, media or even voice. The solution allows for example “chat” or even phone conversations between people speaking different languages.

Innovation is based on two complementary and 100% integrated platforms:

SYSTRAN : Pure Neural® Server :

SYSTRAN is a “Deep-Learning” real-time translation solution, secure and integrated. It offers the ability to translate all types of information: documentation, procedures, reports, chats, e-mails and audio files. It supports more than 140 languages. In addition, it is now possible to translate conversations in real-time, such as phone or radio communications. This is made possible by combining advanced technologies such as NLU (natural language understanding) with real-time speech-to-text and text-to-speech.


The VANTIQ platform offers the ability to ingest and process events in real-time. The platform also plays a major role in integrating, distributing and controlling processes. In addition, its human-machine collaboration layer provides the ability to manage interactions between humans and machines. VANTIQ proposes different models from simple SMS or email notifications, up-to advanced collaboration through mobile applications. The platform allows to analyze data in real-time and instantly respond upon desired contexts (example: react on keywords such as accident, fire, explosion, flood, or terrorist attack). VANTIQ provides the opportunity to develop business applications very rapidly and meet the needs of the most demanding users. The platform associated with real-time translation capabilities based on artificial intelligence, changes the way humans interact with applications and offers a unique multilingual user experience”.

Designed to meet the challenges faced by international companies, lnfosquare
Translator 4HMI overcome language barriers and provide them with considerable
competitive advantages.

The benefits of Translator 4HMI
• Artificial intelligence and deep-learning applied to machine translation.
• Responsive, real-time and Event-driven platform, powerful and scalable.
• Support more than 140 languages.
• Ability to analyze real-time exchanges.
• Full audit trail capability to provide proof of compliance and operational integrity.
• Integration of leading and innovative components.
• Standard communication protocols for simple integration and nearly unlimited solution