Visitor registration module

Magicsoft Vistor Self-registration portal

“Magicsoft Self-registration portal” is a powerful tool to help ensure important notifications aren’t missed due to inaccurate records. It enable patient/customer to manage their personal information through a simple online web page. By implementing “Magicsoft Self-registration portal”, you are taking an important step toward improving business efficiency and better contact data accuracy.

  • Accessible and Easy to Use

“Magicsoft Self-registration portal” is a powerful interface that enables patient/customer to manage their own contact information and medical information from a single web address.

With “Magicsoft Self-registration portal”, your organization can:

Reduce the administrative burden by allowing people to enter their own data
Ensure message recipient data is current and accurate

  • Customization and Administration

“Magicsoft Self-registration portal” allows for customization of logo, privacy policy verbiage, terms and conditions, portal title, URL, etc.

Authorized administrators can easily:

Provide input for the portal’s appearance so it looks consistent with the organization’s website
Decide which QUESTIONS and CONSENT FORM can be viewed, which fields are required

  • Benefits

Improves operational productivity coupled with reduction in workforce costs
Ensure message recipient data is current and accurate
Enhances customer satisfaction, thanks to real time request
Faster turn-around for customers compared to support provided over counter or phone
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