Web Based Real-Time Monitoring Systems

Web Based Real-Time Monitoring Systems


eMs, is a real-time monitoring systems using wireless technology on the internet. eMs helps to collect data onsite through wireless network and transfer back to web server. Currently, there were three eMs applications developed. Surveillance Monitoring Systems, Geotechnical Sensor Monitoring Systems and Data Collection Monitoring Systems.

Key Feature

  • A remote terminal device transfer data wirelessly through the public network (eg. GSM/GRPS) back to web server
  • User can access the eMs website to view reports and analysis (eg. chart) on the data, which can be transferred at rate of every ten minutes
  • The Alert Module of eMs systems able to trigger SMS or email to in charge parties when the collected data exceed limits
  • The Data Schedule Module of eMs systems allows user to schedule times for the delivery of reports and analysis through email automatically
  • The user able to upload and download data through the Data Storage Module of eMs systems
  • User is able to query onsite data from website in real-time basis.


  • Data at work site is being monitor in real-time basis
  • Save times from collecting data to prepare reports and analysis
  • Prevent human error from data entry
  • Safety measurement enhanced by Alert Module
  • Communication between various parties improved as data and reports can be view through internet.Potential Applications - Real-Time Monitoring For Wind Load On Building - Real-Time Monitoring For Vending Machine - Real-Time Monitoring For Petrol Storage Tanks - Water Level Monitoring System - Rotating Machinery Alert System


Delphi,Linux web server,Perl script,MySql, Image processing, Java applets, Java servlet.

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Surveillance Monitoring Systems


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