IT Services

Magicsoft offers its clients a very rich selection of services for software development in various industries. We build professional, innovative and creative solutions for the software applications, based on the latest technology available.We offer three main types of software development,

a. Web and Internet Development
We develop internet applications base on clients’ requirement. We design, implement and test the internet applications before the commissioning it to client.

Development Component: –
Representative Applications : Alert Systems, Building And Construction Systems, Real-time monitoring system,Data Scheduling Systems.

b. Pocket PC Software Development
Our programmers, who are skillful in Microsoft .Net Technology, having the development of Pocket PC applications for clients. The mobile applications are used for collection of information and to transfer it to web server.

Development Component : Visual Studio .Net, C#, Windows Mobile 2003
Representative Applications : Building And Construction Monitoring Systems

c. Desktop PC Software Development
Magicsoft is capable to develop software from GUI applications to sophisticated engines and programming complexes.

Development Component: Visual Studio .Net, C#, Windows 98/2000/XP
Representative Applications : Video Systems for surveillance, Healthcare Systems. .

Detailed information on the employed technologies can be found under our expertise page.

Some of projects were implemented are briefed under representative projects page.

Service Charges
Our services averages range from Singapore Dollars $30 to $60 (US 18-25) per hour. The project cost is depends on factors like complexity and the size of the project, required skills, and so on. If you keen to know more, do contact us.