Magicsoft’s e-commerce solutions come in packages. It includes a fully functional Shopping Cart website with online checkout, a front end design of your choice, and back-end Administrator access. Packages have been designed to provide maximum flexibility and scope for different types of businesses of different sizes.

Our Team

Our team of experienced web designers and eCommerce specialists together bring professional design, product management, promotional tools and comprehensive content management to create a powerful eCommerce solution for your online business. Your eCommerce websites can be managed via powerful content management system, from design and presentation, content, product data and promotions.

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eCommerce Features

Catalog Management

  • Choose product states
  • Create catalog mode
  • Display unit prices on products
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Unlimited attributes (sizes, colors, etc.)
  • Unlimited product combinations
  • Unlimited product characteristics
  • Product and accessory packs
  • Manufacture management
  • Supplier management
  • Cross selling
  • Edit product tags

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search engine friendly
  • URL re-writes
  • Dedicated URL for each product
  • Edit product tags
  • Title tags, meta tags, meta description, etc.
  • RSS feed
  • Reduce load time of products
  • Canonical URL: preventing duplicate content


  • Multiple users
  • Set security permissions for users
  • Maintenance mode
  • Secure back office
  • Set password expiration
  • Password and cookie encryption
  • Passwords encryption in database
  • Cookies encryption
  • Blocking repeated attempts to recover passwords

Product Displays

  • Compare products
  • Add products to a wishlist
  • Multiple pictures per product
  • Zoom-in on product photos
  • Watermark on product pictures
  • Quick product search
  • Customer comments on products
  • Customer reviews
  • Choice of number of products to display per page
  • Attach documents to products (user guides, etc.)
  • Display products in the same category
  • Export products to major search engines
  • Bookmark products
  • Product page stats: Last purchased date
  • Display product categories

Analytics and Reporting

  • Track visitor activity
  • View customer profiles
  • Affiliate statistics
  • Newsletter statistics
  • Keyword reports
  • “Pages not found” management
  • CPC management
  • Searches in the shop
  • Carrier statistics
  • Best performing categories, coupons, products, etc.
  • Conversion rates per category
  • Customer interaction statistic

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Our Service

Website Development Professional Services

  • Design for 1 website
  • Content Management Systems

Optimization Search Services

  • Preparation for web contents and keywords
  • Site submission to spiders
  • Site submission to the popular classified ads, forum and etc.
  • Site submission to the mobile website
  • Content Management Systems
  • Logo design

Website Content Solutions

  • Design web content
  • Content contains keywords and services
  • Indexing the content for spider’s access

Annual Maintenance Services

  • Maintain the website content
  • Update the unit phone information monthly

Upload Unit Content Services

  • Search and find specification for the unit phone content
  • Design the modules for product specification
  • Add phone accessories

Hosting Package (Annual)

  • 1 FREE Domain
  • Hard disk space
  • MySQL Database
  • 20 emails account
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 15 hours of Remote Support

Translation Services

  • Chinese
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Bahasa Malaysia