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Magic Sales Solutions | One Stop Complete Digital Marketing to CRM Solution

Critical Problem in 80% SMEs

Every SME needs sales! 80% of the SMEs face in 3 major problems:

  • Where is my target clients?
  • How to get leads?
  • Can I close deal efficiently?

What is Magic Sales Solutions?

Magic Sales Solution is One stop Complete Sales Solution cover online appearance, traffic & lead generation and customer relationship management.

Step 1: Understanding your business model & finalise digital marketing strategy to filter your target audience out from mass market.
Step 2: Setup conversion focus website to convert traffic to leads
Step 3:Setup Google Analytics, email & phone forwarding system for lead tracking & collection.
Step 4: Compile the leads into CRM system to do follow-up.
Step 5: Sales Close


Package details

Package (starting from SGD 3000):

  • Website Design with landing page setup
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): 5-10 Keywords
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): 1 recurring + 2 Seasonal Campaign
  • Email & Phone Enquiry Tracking
  • CRM software

*Eligible to claim for SPRING ICV & IE Singapore MRA grant (T&C)

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