Clinic/Healthcare Centre/Pharmacy Management Systems

Vanda is a Clinic Management System that can be used by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dispensers or whoever holds an operational or managerial post in the clinic, pharmacy, office, etc.

Vanda records and maintains a series of information related to patient’s medical and service history. It also provides analytic reports for clinic management concerning inventory, income and customer relationship management.

Vanda provides solutions that significantly increase clinical efficiency, allowing doctors/nurses to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

Key Features

  • Supports Single to Multi-practice Clinics
  • Support multiple-level password protection and security checking
  • Appointments & Calendar
  • Dispensing, Billing, and Label/Invoice/Receipt Printing
  • Patient's clinical data library
  • User Defined Treatment Package
  • Healthier SG-compatible CMS
  • NEHR, CHAS, CDMP, and Flexi Medisave Integration

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Vanda Solutions


VandaCare is a mobile application catered to all healthcare needs. There are currently 20 Polyclinics and an astonishing 1700 GP in Singapore. Improving the patient experience at the clinic is the key to patient satisfaction and patient retention. With VandaCare, Patients will have access to various features such as booking of appointments and viewing of their medical records. The app is user friendly and provides informative medical knowledge to improve patients knowledge of their health statuses, ultimately providing convenience to the patient at their fingertips.


VandaClinic is a web-based Clinic Management System developed to improve efficiency of everyday operations for doctors, nurses, managers, and administrators. In 2020, an approximate average of 1,900 people visit clinics, polyclinics, and dental services per day, in Singapore A smart Clinic Management System ensures efficient, time-saving, and user-friendly software so that the focus will be on patient care and more patients can be attended to. That is what VandaClinic promises to deliver with our features.


VandaManager is a web-based system developed to empower decision-makers to manage clinics using Vanda systems. Most clinics are part of a clinic group, have several branches, or take part in insurance schemes. Setting up individual Clinic Management Systems for each and every clinic takes a ton of time, and effort also extremely cost-inefficient. VandaManager provides a platform to manage all clinics.