VandaCare – Mobile Application(Overview)


VandaCare – Mobile Application


We have developed a prototype mobile application running on Android OS for collecting and optionally for processing purposes the reading data from blood pressure, glucose and temperature meter devices.

For initial demo we are targeting on Foracare meter device D15b (blood pressure and glucose meter) for its availability reason and will be targeting other devices when necessary.


  • Finding, connecting and pairing with remote device via Bluetooth.
  • Non blocking reading specified number of last reading data and displayed with iconic marker to data type indication (currently only for blood pressure and glucose).
  • Generate simple and basic chart for collected data with panning and zooming capabilities.
  • Query device information (Serial number, number of storage and system clock) but currently updating the system clock is not implemented yet.

Enhancement Possibilities

  • Save data on handset storage for transferring to other system for further processing and analytical purposes.
  • Ability to connect to multiple device types.
  • Two-way synchronisation with backend system, so it can be used as portable personal medical record.

Overview Diagram

Preventive care – telehealth systems for high blood pressure and glucose