Increase your sales by 300% with the Magicsoft CRM Solution

We found that even when we generate leads in large quantity for clients, there is no proper system in place to convert leads into customers. Hence Magicsoft CRM Solution is conceived to create sales for SMEs, at a time when economic situation is not favorable and cash flow is critical for survival.

Running a business in Singapore is TOUGH

  • Not enough new business

    New business strategy is almost entirely reliant on referrals

  • Leads cannot turn into sales

    Salespeople forget to follow up with leads

  • Customers are one-time

    After all the prospecting & work, you only earn their business one time

Our system

  • Strangers

    Traffic generation : Search/Social media

  • Visitors

    Leads conversion : Website Landing pages/ forms

  • Leads

    Sales development : CRM software

  • Customers

    Customers’ relationship management:CMR software / Social Media

  • Promoters

Features of Magicsoft CRM System

  • Digital automated salesperson
    Technology today can do so much for you. Why not tap on it? Without having to pay for extra headcount, get a digital salesperson who can generate leads for you, tell you when to follow up and remind your prospects of you. You just collect money.
  • Website forms & CRM integration
    Save your effort in copying & pasting and struggling to find details of the prospects. Forget about using excel files one after another. Just go to your CRM for all information.
  • Robust tracking
    With Google analytics, phone forwarding and CRM tracking in place, you know exactly where each lead come from, the precise ROI of your marketing dollars and how to increase your leads from each channel. The data collected allows us to improve the results month after month.

Magicsoft CRM Solution For CRM software portion. (limited period only)

  • Website Design with landing page setup
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): 5-10 Keywords
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): 1 recurring + 2 Seasonal Campaign
  • Email & Phone Enquiry Tracking & CRM software

Our process

  • Understand your business model and zero in on the digital marketing strategy that reaches your target audience out of the mass market.
  • Setup Google Analytics, email and phone forwarding system for leads tracking and collection.
  • Setup conversion-focused website to convert traffic to leads.
  • Compile the leads into CRM system to do follow-up.

Instalment option available

  • By hire purchase with attractive interest rate at 3.5%
  • By leasing with attractive interest rate at 3%
  • By loan with attractive interest rate at 3.5%
  • Bundle with hardware and software

CRM Service Level Agreement

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For our CRM service agreement as well as term & conditions, please refer to here.