SYSTRAN’s Neural Machine Translation

SYSTRAN’s Neural Machine Translation

SYSTRAN’s industry-specific translation software helps multinational corporations in four ways:


Localization has been a challenge for companies going global for 30 years now, the early innovators were large international vendors who, through customer demand, needed to produce vast quantity of documentation as well as the localization of their user interface. Today, this challenge is faced by all companies that wish to compete globally. Projects may include websites, support chats or marketing communication, among reams of documents. There is also a need to understand the various linguistic, cultural and socio-economic nuances of the targeted markets to avoid gaffes.

Furthermore, consideration should be given to automated translation management system that organizes your workflows and enables both, machine translation and human translation reside harmoniously.

SYSTRAN’s AI-powered translation system handles more than 53 languages – processing hundreds of thousands of pages a day of translation. It localizes all text resources from MS Office, Skype for Business chats to graphic presentations and social media posts, including YouTube videos. The neural technology is vastly more fluent than its earlier statistical component, because it is fed on customized training data. This means the translation tool grasps context and adapts to industry-specific language. The outcome is high quality content in your “client’s voice”, with the reduced need of post-editing time that accelerates time-to-market up to 25%.

In short, SYSTRAN gives you and your employees perfect mastery over multiple languages. You gain instant rapport with prospects and customers alike while avoiding misunderstandings, and positively impacting move towards negotiations and sales and advance your business.

Customer Support

If there’s one thing customers prioritize, it’s a speedy resolution to their problems. Clients value a personalized support experience in their native language; if they don’t get it they’ll take their business elsewhere. 66% of customers say they’re likely to leave the company after having trouble understanding or communicating with customer support.

SYSTRAN found that companies that install neural machine translation multiply their response efficacy tenfold.

An example of poor translation can affect customer support by ignoring the accent in the word “Sí” as “if,” rather than “yes,” can take the conversation in a totally different direction. For instance, a customer representative used poor machine translation to translate “Yes you qualify for fast shipping, I will organize it for you.”  The result ignored the accent and translated to “If you qualify for fast shipping, I will organize it for you.”  In this case the customer assumed the fast shipping was not guaranteed.  After not hearing back from the customer, the representative followed up and discovered the customer sought for a competitor seller.  The missing accent created a miscommunication where a client was lost while the transaction and shipment could have been processed that same day.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

The challenge of compliance for global corporations and SME alike, can be daunting due to the vast quantity of communication via email, instant messaging, text and voice in multiple languages. It’s not uncommon for large corporation to have to review a million pieces of content a day, while its technology to perform this task has advance significantly. The majority tend to focus on the English language with minimal reference to the many foreign languages that are used in correspondence today.

When it comes to data privacy, multinationals need to meet expectations that include the GDPR, PCI DSS, PII, and HIPAA. There’s also the California Data Privacy Act, slated 2020. GDPR non-compliance costs violators around EUR 20 million, or 4% of an organization’s annual global gross revenue. You’re given only 72 hours to alert the authorities. It takes about 200 days to track those breaches.

A staggering 80% of company employees have admitted the use of public cloud-based translation systems to complete job tasks. Unfortunately, this practice can expose client’s private information and consequently, violating governance, risk management and compliance practices.

Companies with SYSTRAN’s neural machine translation can confidently guarantee customers 100% data privacy. This is because all interactions occur behind your own firewall, with the translation functionalities accessible through a private cloud. Your customer’s data stays on your premises, preventing data leakage and ensuring compliance.

Secure Collaboration

Internal business communications are both horizontal (peer-to-peer) and vertical (employee-to-manager).  All companies strive for transparent, effective communication that builds morale and reduces grievance. With international companies, your challenges are compounded, since your workforce is dispersed worldwide, handing you language barriers, too.

Our customers tell us that open discussions lead to better communication outcomes. Seamless collaboration with team partners around the globe is imperative for success. In short, effective communications, congruent to your culture, vision and goals has become a must-have rather than a nice-to-have.

Therefore, the challenge is the ability to allow effective communication across multilingual dispersed workforce.

Here’s where SYSTRAN comes in, with our secure, real-time translation across all your enterprise sites and applications. We not only smooth communications, but also, simultaneously, reduce the risks that accompany poor team conversations, like costly delays, breaches in compliance, misunderstanding and lawsuits.  At the same time, we preserve your sensitive information and intellectual property, since your confidential data remains on-site.