SYSTRAN presents its latest translation engines

The latest version of our AI-powered Translation Software designed for Businesses

SYSTRAN¬†Pure Neural¬ģ Server¬†is¬†our new generation of enterprise translation software based on¬†Artificial Intelligence¬†and Neural networks. It provides¬†outstanding professional quality¬†with the highest standards in¬†data safety.

Our R&D team, extremely active to provide corporate users with state-of-the-art translation technology tailored for business, just released a new generation of Neural MT engines. SYSTRAN new engines are developed with OpenNMT-tf, our AI framework using latest TensorFlow features, and backed by a proprietary new training process: Infinite Training.

These innovations bring two major impacts on businesses:

  • Better Translation Quality & fluidity: the new engines exploit SAT (Self Attentional Transformers) neural networks that improve a contextual translation for better quality & fluency.
  • Better Performances: translation speed (char./sec.) is improved by¬†10 to 30 times¬†on CPU hardware¬†compared to previous generation engines.

This new technological asset, added to the largest functional coverage, makes SYSTRAN Pure Neural¬ģ Sever the most powerful MT solution on the market to meet businesses requirements:

  • Translate¬†text, documents, emails,¬†but also¬†images¬†and¬†speech
  • Use standard connectors¬†with popular¬†CAT tools,¬†TMS, Customer Experiencesolutions¬†and¬†Voice solutions,¬†including new Speech-to-text¬†Nuance¬†connector
  • Integrate translation flows in your house applications thanks to an open API